Our History

The institute of financial services and business was established in 2008 January to serve the unmet professional education needs of Sri-Lanka`s youth. Our vision is to help develop talented youth of Sri-Lanka in the finance area with the aim of helping uplift the quality of life in our country. IFB is the brainchild of Mr. Susuripala Gamage, a distinguished former banking excecutive at Peoples Bank of Sri-Lanka. Since its inception, IFB has seen more than 7000 students have attended this college following Certificate Level and Diploma level courses in Banking. We are very proud that in 2009/ 2010, our Institute was awarded as the Best Accredited Center –Outstation by IBSL. Due to the dedicatioin of our teaching staff and the high quality of education provided by us, we were awarded with Star Award- 2010- Central Province.

This center provides various services to aspiring Bankers. In addition to regular professional banking courses, Our tailor made course "English for Bankers , Islamic Banking" are highly popular and useful courses for young professionals starting out in the banking field. We also offer Guide books and various other literature for those who are interested in the field of banking and finance.

Internal promotional exams for People’s Bank, BOC, RDB and other banks are also popular programs in our Institute.

Lectures are conducted through multimedia followed by printed lecture notes.

Lectures are conducted during weekends and week days.

IBSL ආයතනයේ ලියාපදිංචිය අප විසින් කර දීම.

වෘත්තීය බැංකු කරුවන් හා පළපුරුදු දේශකයින් විසින් දේශන මෙහෙයවීම.

සතියේ දින සහ සති අන්ත දිනවල දේශන මෙහෙයවීම.


Our Team