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  • 7. Will you promise to give a banking job?

    We don’t promise to provide banking jobs. About 6000 students have studied in our Institute and over 4500 students are engaged in the banking field.
    We give professional support by issuing confirmation letters, giving advices for facing interviews for those who have applied for the position of banking assistant.

  • 6. Will I get a banking job definitely after completing this course?

    This will be a basic qualification when interviewing for banking jobs, and many banks pay higher attention to these candidates.

  • 5. How to take study packs?

    We have study packs for the following subjects,
    Commercial Banking (SM/EM)
    Law (SM/EM)
    FCM (SM/EM)

    Credit Management
    These study packs are issued free of charge for the students who have done the full payment. Those who are not registered in IFB can buy study packs under the consent of the director.

  • 4. What is the duration of this course?

    6 months

  • 3. How to register in IBSL?

    Please click on the facilities tab.

  • 2. How to register in IFB?

    • Other than registering in IFB by paying Rs.1500/-, it is compulsory to pay the annual fees and other payments of the institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka (IBSL).The relevant application can be obtained from our institution.


    • Every year, examinations are held in March and September & you should apply quoting the subjects you expect to sit, along with the fees before two months. If you haven’t received a registration number, you can apply for the examination with your N.I.C number. The application for the examination can be obtained from our office in December and January for the exam to be held in March and in June and July for the exam held in September.


    • Subject fee for IABF is Rs.6000/-. At first Rs.3000/- per subject (half payment) should be paid & the balance to be settled within four weeks. A candidate, who paid initial payment, can participate only four classes in four weeks.


    • After payment is made for compulsory subjects, the subjects cannot be changed due to any reason.


    • After making payment for optional subjects, if the candidate wants to change the subject, it should be informed within two weeks after giving reason to the Director for changing subjects. For each class participated before changing, Rs.500/- will be deducted per class.


    • The name included in our application form and registration should be completely resembled to the name which you have registered in the Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka.
  • 1. Minimum Qualifications for qualifying banking course?

    To register as a student member of the IBSL to sit IABF, the following requirements should

    (a)An employee of a licensed bank or any financial institution licensed or approved by a State authority in Sri Lanka or abroad under any Statute or

    (b)An employee of a company incorporated under the Companies Act or any institution Established under any Statute or Regulation in Sri Lanka or abroad or

    (c)A degree from a recognized university in Sri Lanka or abroad

    d) Final qualification of a professional academic institute in Sri Lanka or abroad on banking, finance, audit, management and Marketing

    (e)GCE (A/L) or having 3 passes with 2 credit passes and credit pass in Mathematics in GCE (O/L) or equivalent examination

    (f)GCE (A/L) with 2 passes and GCE (O/L) having 6 passes at two sittings with 5 credits passes including Mathematics

    (g)GCE (O/L) with 6 passes at one sitting having 5 credits passes including Mathematics